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Information for Professionals

Do you work as a social worker with addicts or are you occupied in the area of addiction recovery? Are you professionally involved with people addicted to drugs, alcohol or medicines? We would like to introduce you to the Twelve Steps program of Narcotics Anonymous.

The people at Narcotics Anonymous are working to make NA better known to the general public for people with drug addiction problems as well as professionals who can assist them with drug recovery. We are excited to share a solution that we as fellow addicts have discovered: getting clean and staying clean.

If you would like to receive folders with more information about Narcotics Anonymous, we will gladly send these upon request. There is also the possibility to attend presentations of various scope for professionals about the goal and methods used by Narcotics Anonymous. You can request this for your colleagues to take place during a team meeting or professionalisation day.

Narcotics Anonymous can complement and provide a valuable addition to your professional offering. Thanks to this simple program there are worldwide many addicts who can lead worthwhile and clean lifestyles. Through the program of Narcotics Anonymous you increase the chances of longterm recovery for addicts in your community.

Information Events

We offer information sessions at your site. Experienced members of Narcotics Anonymous visit your institution and present NA to you or your clients.

Do you work with drug addicts?

Please inform your clients affected by drug addiction about our program. The public information committee looks forward to hearing from you to answer any further questions. Contact:

You’d like to learn more about NA?

We are happy to send you literature (pamphlets and brochures) on Narcotics Anonymous. Literature overview

Questions & answers

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. What is NA ?

Structure of the community

Principles which apply for all groups across the globe. Information on these principles can be found in the NA literature.

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